soal passive voice

Soal – soal passive voice:

1. The flight ................... because of the fog last night.
2. I ..............of stealing the money.
3. A new road the goverment at this time.
4. The time of the football match ........................because of the rain. It ..................when the rain stops.
5. Jane the street, she has lost all of her money.
6. Our conversation someone whne we were discussing the problem yesterday.
7. The football match such bad weather.
8. Fire can an electrical fault.
9. Dhea looks very happy because she General Manager.
10. The room someone everyday.

Change into passive

1. She calls me
2. He killed the dog.
3. He is closing the door.
4. She wrote a letter yesterday.
5. People don’t use this road very often.
6. I didn’t receive the letter last week.
7. Somebody has cleaned the room.
8. Police arrested two men last night.
9. Did you help him?
10. They don’t watch the film.
11. My father is not driving a car now.
12. Does she make the dress?
13. Have you sent the letter?
14. I did not do my homework last night.
15. He will switch on the light.
16. I am not expecting her reply.
17. I have not found my favourite pen.
18. He can answer the question correctly.
19. A storm damaged the roof of the building a few days ago.
20. Somebody is following us.

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